So who is the man behind the moustache?

Scott is one of the owners of Phoenix Performance Centre and has been managing the gym with friend and business partner James Saunders since 2010. Many of you will know Scott as a focused, motivated personal trainer who is serious about getting the best results for his clients.

What many of you perhaps don’t know is where his passion for personal training comes from and why he is so committed to Phoenix?

Scott is supremely confident in his role as a strength coach and body composition specialist but is a bit of an enigma when it comes to his aspirations. So let’s find out more about the man behind the moustache!


When did you move to Haywards Heath or have you always lived here?

“I moved to Haywards Heath in 2010, I had already been working at the gym since 2007, but when the opportunity to become an owner alongside James came about, it made more sense to move closer to work. Previously I had grown up and lived in Horsham my entire life, so it was a decision lead by my motivation to do something I loved and work with like-minded people to create and grow a fantastic business in the local area.”


What do you like most about the local area and your clients?

“I love how close we are to the countryside and how quickly you can get into London and Brighton. The clients are amazing because they tend to be motivated people who are goal oriented. It works well in our industry as we all strive to achieve results.”


How did you meet James and why did you choose Phoenix?

“I met James in 2007 while I was working at the Dolphin and looked up to him as he was the most senior PT there. James was also the busiest and most successful personal trainer, his knowledge blew me away, so I worked hard to try to catch up with his knowledge and level of success.

The gym that James and I worked at was too crowded, and training was something which was almost impossible due to the large numbers of people. James opened Phoenix in 2010 and I came over as a self-employed PT on day 1 and was paying rent.  I worked hard to build my client base and in 2014 I took over as a director to help drive the business forward I wanted to be a part of something which I could be proud of and to work in a quiet environment with my clients so that I could give them the attention they deserved.”


Have you always worked in PT or was the move triggered by your personal health/fitness goals?

“I’ve been working from as early as I could. When I was thirteen, I did a paper round for four years, and I would pick up extra paper rounds when I could to help out and earn a bit more money. I’ve worked on the meat and fish counter in Sainsbury’s and also worked in high street shops too. Ever since I left college in 2006, I have worked in Fitness. I was a lifeguard at the triangle for a year, but I moved over to working in the gym full-time in 2007.”


What three things do you think your clients would say about you?

“I think they would say that I care about their life problems not just their fitness concerns. I listen to their concerns as often this will help to overcome any obstacles that may be in the way of them making positive changes.
I coach them in a way which allows them to see the bigger picture and helps them to make better decisions so we can work towards their ultimate goal.
I’m always on time, so if we’ve arranged a time to meet, I’m there early and ready to go!”


How do you inspire positive change and keep your clients motivated to sustain their results?

“I try to encourage the mindset which helps my clients to believe they are capable of achieving anything once they put their mind to it. When you believe you can achieve your goals, then the results are almost a formality.”


What else do you advocate to help with personal training? i.e., yoga, nutrition, swimming 

“I’m a huge advocate of healthy eating, and this is a huge part of how I coach my clients. Helping clients to understand the maze that is nutrition is something which is integral to the process of achieving results. We are bamboozled by advertising giants who tell us their products are good. I want my clients to understand the role that food plays in the body and how it may or may not help them to achieve their goals. I also love walking it helps me to clear the mind and get perspective, and I think Yoga is amazing, it gets the body moving again as well as having a positive effect on mindfulness and relaxation.”


What are your top 3 tips for anyone wanting to start PT?

My three top tips if you want to start PT are:


1 – Decide on your goal

Be clear about what you want to achieve. Make sure the goal is specific to a number such as weight loss, dress size, body fat percentage and make sure there is a target date set. We work harder when we work towards a deadline, so we achieve results faster.

2 – Research before choosing a personal trainer

Meeting with them is vital before you commit to signing up. Find out what results they’ve achieved in the past and ask to see how clients have fared once they stopped training. Some coaches tend to slash calories to help clients lose body weight. However, there is often no plan for what happens when you stop eating well and exercising regularly. Typically, I find clients come to me after they have worked with someone else in the past because they put all of the weight back on soon after they stopped working with a coach.

3 – Don’t wait until you a ‘fit’ to start working with a Personal Trainer

People tend to worry that they aren’t fit enough to work with us, this is not the case. If you want to achieve results, we can help you. We work with clients to create the program to suit their abilities. One to one training is all about the person who is front of us, so we’ll do everything we can to ensure your journey is a smooth as possible.

What fun or unusual fact would your clients not necessarily know about you?  

“People tend to think that we are robots or machines who eat nothing but lean meat and celery sticks.”

“The thing is, we are all human, which I think can sometimes be forgotten. I love to have fun, go out for food and have a few drinks at the weekend. I love a burger (the bigger, the better) and I do take on the occasional food challenge when I can! I’m often told that I have a strange taste in music and my clients are always keen to let me know this given the opportunity!

If I could, I would live off the grid and be completely self-sufficient. I believe that we are forced to live in a society which makes us feel inadequate, and this can lead to many people living fairly miserable lives. I believe in taking ownership of your destiny and that you can create your better future.

It’s never too late to start something new. My only focus on life is being happy and being able to support those around me. In February 2018, my first baby will be born, as long as my family, friends, and clients are happy and healthy then that is what matters most!”

Thanks for reading!

James, Scott and the Phoenix Team

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