Personal Training versus DIY – What should you choose?

The idea of working with a personal trainer can seem daunting for anyone looking to get fit, especially if you are new to exercise. The idea of someone who is already in immaculate shape watching your every move whilst you workout can seem intimidating, and this will often lead to people taking a DIY approach instead.

Opting to choose the gym for your workout where you are responsible for your own training could potentially lead to some serious issues later down the line. We asked our health and nutrition coach James Saunders to explain the pros and cons of a personal trainer versus DIY to help you understand your options:


DIY workouts & joining the gym – Pros and Cons

Pros – Joining the gym or doing a regular workout at home can seem like an easier and more cost-effective option which can offer:

  • an opportunity to try a wide diversity of activities
  • potential access to a health suite with a swimming pool, sauna, steam room and treatment rooms
  • flexibility to exercise at different times that suit you
  • exercising in the comfort of your own home

Cons – What we don’t always consider when thinking about these options are the potential restrictions such as:

  • the gym can often become overcrowded especially at peak times of the day and at weekends
  • there is a lack of professional and sustained supervision which could lead to accidents/injury
  • the facilities you require can be overcrowded or unavailable for use
  • you can’t be sure that the exercise/activities are right for you and your fitness level
  • nutrition is not considered or is not suitable for the type of exercise/activity you are doing
  • you will need to be self-motivated to ensure you regularly exercise
  • the gym could be a waste of money if you don’t go there enough to warrant the spend


So what makes Personal Training the better option?

Working with a personal trainer provides a whole range of benefits, not only will you be given a programme which is tailored to your specific needs, fitness levels and goals, you can also factor in expert nutritional advice to help you reach your goals faster and sustain them on a long-term basis. Aside from the obvious physical benefits of weight loss, toning, strengthening, rehabilitation, training for sports etc… personal training can help you to retrain your mindset.  At Phoenix, we take a holistic approach with our clients to ensure that they understand the importance of having a balanced fitness plan, diet, and positive mindset so that we are creating healthier habits that can be sustainable long term. Because we are working so closely with you, we can help you to train effectively which is vital for preventing injury or accidents which can easily occur due to poor technique or doing an exercise which is not suitable for your body.

What will I get for my money?

Personal training sessions start from just £33 per session and we offer a FREE no obligation consultation with a qualified fitness coach so that we can discuss your goals, or you can simply find out if we are the right fit for you.

Here’s what a typical package looks like:

  • Totally bespoke programming written to fast track your results
  • Completely tailored nutritional planning. We can offer dietary advice, or write you a completely individualised programme, whichever works best for you
  • Accountability every step of the way which ensures you are on the right path to success
  • No overcrowding – you will always be able to workout without having to wait for access to equipment
  • All sessions held at our private training facility with no judgment or ego’s
  • FREE access to our seminars and workshops
  • Additional phone and email support the entire way
  • We’re so confident in our service that we offer a Money Back Guarantee on all of our Personal Training Packages
  • Prices for 1 to 1 Personal Training start from just £33 per session
  • We also offer couples Personal Training

 How do I get started?

Getting started is easy and there’s no better time than now. Book a FREE consultation online, call us on 01444 810606 or email [email protected]

We look forward to training with you

James, Scott and the Phoenix team