Christmas is just around the corner

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s tempting to wind down your exercise regime, reach for the mince pies and mulled wine, stick your onesie on and veg out until the New Year. Whilst this all sounds great, do you really want to end up back at square one in January wondering why you let yourself overindulge so much during the festive season so much so that you can even work out how you ever lifted weights or managed to do a set of squats without groaning?

In anticipation of what’s to come, I am sharing my top 5 tips for staying fit during the festive season. These top tips will help you enjoy and indulge without losing the results from your hard work so far this year:


Keep Moving 

Stay as active as you can try going for regular walks, bike rides, or head to the gym for a few sessions when you can. It comes down to Energy in Vs Energy out. Keep that up and you will be sure to minimize the festive fat gain. 

If you’re a member of a fantastic facility like Phoenix that’s only closed on Christmas day and boxing day the come in and see us as we will be here to train with you!


Keep the water coming in around those festive tipples to keep your body hydrated and give it an easier ride metabolizing those calories. You will also minimize the dreaded water retention that makes us feel more blobby than usual.

Fill Up

Fill up on low-calorie foods first. When the time comes to take down that Christmas dinner, take out the veg first. This will fill you up quicker meaning you MAY not annihilate as much of that Christmas pud after than you would have done.


(ALRIGHT 2 .. SORT OF) Be smart about it. Follow your normal eating routine right up until Christmas Eve and get straight back on the wagon until New Year’s Eve! (yes I am fully aware we all like to let our hair down on New Year’s Eve too!)

Make Your Bed & Lie In It

If feeling out of shape and depressed after Christmas really does get you down, then use the tips above and you will come out on the other side feeling better off for making an effort not to let things completely slip. If you are mentally comfortable letting it slide a bit and confident in getting your butt back to work in the New Year, GO FOR IT!

Most importantly, be happy, spend time with your loved ones and reward yourself for your achievements this year. The team at Phoenix Performance will be waiting for you on the other side, ready to make 2018 your most happy, fittest and healthiest year yet!


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