4 reasons why everyone should be lifting weights!

It always surprises me when I hear the question “Why should I be lifting weights?” or “weight training is not for me, I’m not a “gym” person”.

And surprisingly we still hear, “I can’t lift weights, I get too “bulky”

The reasons as to why everyone should be doing some form of resistance training are endless! But here are 4 very good reasons that should be enough for everyone!

1. It’s the best choice for fat loss

If you care how you look, then lifting weights should be your go to exercise choice. There is a lot more to getting leaner than just cardio! One of the main reasons people generally think running, or something similar will get them the body they want, is because they will burn more calories than performing an equivalent amount of time doing weights. Firstly, as all our clients know that is simply not true! If you are performing upper body/Lower body supersets (2 exercises paired together) then depending on the exercise selection you are going to get your heart rate easily as high as running! So, the calorie burn answer does not wash. Secondly your physique will be vastly superior if you’re weight training, as you are not losing muscle along with fat (which is the problem with just maintaining a calorie deficit, through cardio or diet) And maintaining muscle (or preferably building it) is the ke

y to long term success when it comes to body composition. Do you want to look athletic or just be skinny? Plus, the more muscle you have the higher your resting metabolic rate will be, which means you can eat more without putting fat on!

2. You will live longer

It’s pretty obvious why this should be important to everybody!

In a study in 2014 (Srikanthan & Karlamangla,) it was shown through monitoring 3,659 people that those with the highest levels of muscle lived longer than those with less, and this was taking in to account all forms of mortality. What’s important to note, is that the subjects in this study where men over the age of 55 and women over the age of 65. So, getting older is not an excuse not to lift w

eights but more a reason as to why it is even more important!

Plus if you want to keep your independence as you get older, then being strong and able to look after yourself without having to rely on others will massively improve your quality of life!

3. You will get injured less.

It is well documented that resistance training will improve your bone density and therefore reduce your risk of Osteoporosis and Osteopenia, and the risks associated with these conditions, but that is just the tip of the iceberg!
At Phoenix we have quite a few members who participate in other sports/activities and quite a few members of local running clubs. They have all seen an improvement in their performance since following a correctly periodised training plan, and a reduction in injuries. If you are taking part in any form of sport, then having a weight training programme to complement and support it will not only allow you to do the thing you enjoy more (because better muscular/structural balance leads to less injuries) but you will be better at it because you will be stronger! There is a good reason professional athletes in every sport lift weights!

It is also very common for people these days to suffer with pain in their backs, shoulders, necks, knees etc due to inactivity, poor posture (due in part to the large amount of time we all spend in front of a computer/phone screen!) and being overweight. Regardless of why you are injured or suffering, getting stronger will lead to a reduction in pain and in many cases alleviate it all together!

4. Better mental health

In a recent meta-analysis of 33 clinical trials involving 1877 participants (Gordon, McDowell, Hallgreen, 2018) it was found there was a significant reduction in depressive symptoms in adults, regardless of other health concerns.
With mental health issues on the increase, and physical activity among the general population decreasing it is no surprise that it has becomes such an issue in westernised countries!
We have evolved

being highly physically active through necessity, and our inactivity due to our reliance on modern technology is leading us towards physical and mental ill health! So if you suffer from depression or anxiety, then start following a strength training programme and

work on your brain as well as your body health!

So…..if you want to look good, live longer, stay injury free and happy you should start lifting weights!

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