HIIT training has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to train to burn fat, and Phoenix Unleashed was designed for one thing: FAST FAT LOSS!!!

There are lots of classes claiming to deliver this but not many offer you a money back guarantee against your results!

You don’t need to spend hours running or on a bike, but you do need to work hard. Unleashed will push you to your limits and because we will take no prisoners on our mission to get your fat levels down quickly, we have limited this class to 30 minutes, trust us you won’t need any longer!

If you’re serious about getting results quickly and don’t have loads of time to achieve this goal, then Unleashed is the class for you.

Just £8 per session

Book your free consultation now and we'll:

  • Discuss your current lifestyle, fitness regime, and nutritional needs/habits
  • Assess your goals in detail, creating specific and time-framed goals
  • Talk through our strategies and how we can help you
  • Completely free of charge and no obligation to sign up afterwards