“I have been training at Phoenix Performance Centre for 16 weeks, and in that time I have lost over 10kg’s of fat and built lean muscle. I feel stronger, fitter and more attractive than ever. These guys really are the best trainers I have seen before. What I really appreciate is that not only do they tell me what to do with regards to my diet and training, but also they also spend time explaining why I am doing it all so that I can understand the science behind my progress and now I really feel at one with my body. Training with these guys really has changed my life and I can’t recommend them enough.”

The brief

Elaine popped in to see us in 2013 after hearing about the results we were getting from our clients. She told us that she drastically wanted to change her body shape and the words she used were ‘I want to have Madonna’s body’. She worked really hard and lost 1% body fat every week. Towards the end of her transformation we had to really get into her biochemistry and assess her hormone balance to achieve more results. We dropped below 20% shortly after and we stopped once she had achieved 17% body fat. She looks absolutely amazing and is one of our star clients.

The results

  • Total weight Loss : 10.5kg
  • Body Fat Loss: 10%
  • Waist Loss: 11cm
  • Hip Loss: 7cm
  • Time Taken: 16 weeks