I’ve never met a nicer bunch of people that know exactly what they are doing in relation to nutrition, fitness, strength and motivation. I love training here, and the customers are pretty amazing too! 😉

Sarah Louise Walker

Very friendly centre with lovely personal trainers who work hard to ensure their clients get great results 🙂

Hannah Cooper

I’ve been training here now for a year and a half. After deciding earlier this year to push myself and compete in a bikini fitness competition my training really took off. Knowing they all have such passion and knowledge to get results I was completely at ease going through the process. I look forward to my sessions, it really makes a difference when you are in a friendly environment where there is always someone willing to help. The results speak for themselves!

Sarah Packer

Amazing gym – I have achieved fantastic results; changing my body shape and size, and becoming much leaner, fitter and stronger. The trainers are friendly, supportive, knowledgeable and motivating and each program is designed for the individual. Thoroughly recommend Phoenix.

Kerry Dobney

If you are ready to focus and commit to making your fitness your priority, so are these guys! Welcoming, knowledgeable, energetic, empathetic, what more could you want? Highly recommended.

Ebonie Allard

Would definitely recommend Matt if you’re looking to get results! I have been training at Phoenix and been following his Diet Plan for 8 weeks and my results speak for themselves. I put 4 kilos of muscle on and kept my body fat low in my first 5 weeks! Can’t wait to see what I achieve in the new year. If you are looking to achieve your fitness goals. Then look no further!

Ali Liddell