Very early days for me so far, but I’ve already noticed positive changes. Very well set up and so much more effective that just doing the same old stuff at the gym, week in week out! There’s no doubt I’ve found it, and am still finding it!, challenging but the effort is so worth it. If you’re serious about getting fitter and are prepared to make an effort, then this is the place for you. So much more than just a gym!

Dawn Abbotts

”I’ve used plenty of Personal Trainers/PT Studios over the past decade.. Some good, some not so good. However, since spending two months working with Scott, I’ve learned what truly **outstanding** Personal Training looks like. It’s been a real eye-opener in a very positive sense.”

Owen Evans

Fantastic gym that caters for all levels. Friendly, welcoming and very supportive. Having been involved in the personal and group training programmes Phoenix does really offer a far better service than your typical gym. Very impressed all round.


Dan Fenton

“I just wanted to say a massive thanks to you guys at Phoenix. When I joined my goal was to improve my running and not get injured, so it took some faith to reduce my mileage and up my weights. With your knowledge, guidance and support I’ve achieved PB’s in every distance from 5k to marathon. I wouldn’t have done this without you (and a bit of hard work from me). Thank you!!!!”

Lindsey Blain

An amazing place to work out. They put you through a variety of programs designed to make you sweat and grimace at the end! Friendly, knowledgeable staff and a great bunch of customers too!

Karen Coats

Thank you Scott for all your help getting me back into shape after having a baby and for my wedding. I can’t believe how quickly I’ve seen results and feel a fitter, stronger person. I’ve wasted years in a gym slogging away on a treadmill and not exercising in a productive way! Definitely the best personal trainer and gym I’ve ever found, who have a really personable approach and care about each member. It’s changed my life and I’m so pleased to have found you! Thank you!

Emma Buchan

I trained with James for two years and had some fantastic results! If you’re willing to put the work in the guys at Phoenix will give you all the tools required to hit your targets. Not only do they support in the gym but they also educate you so that you fully understand how to get results both inside and outside of their excellent facilities.

Rob Luscombe